Target and reach your audience with chatbot

Target and reach your audience with chatbot

WhatsApp, Messenger Chatbot… Where to reach my audience?

Apps Jul 21, 2022

WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack chatbot... Where to integrate my chatbot to reach my customers?

Whether on Microsoft Teams, Messenger, or WhatsApp, it’s important to know where you can reach your audience with a chatbot! You need to define your target audience to know what type of channel your audience is most likely to be on. You have to choose a limited number of channels depending on your industry to optimize the effectiveness of your chatbot. You can then analyze different KPIs to know the efficiency of your chatbot according to the chosen channel. In this article you will get an overview of different messaging platforms where you can deploy a chatbot and reach your audience:

  • Messaging Apps for Enterprises
  • Messaging Apps for Communities and Social media
  • Mobile Messaging Apps
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Enterprise Messaging Apps for Employees

Nowadays, communication in companies goes a lot through professional messaging. Deploying a conversational agent on these channels is interesting to collect the opinions of your employees, answer recurring questions or automate specific actions. Setting up a chatbot on a messaging channel can help you communicate with your audience.

Integrate Chatbot with Microsoft Teams

In 2019, Microsoft Teams had 13 million users! It is one of the most used communication channels for businesses. Setting up a Microsoft Teams chatbot can help you make communication with your employees and collaborators more fluid and efficient.

You can for example use a Microsoft Teams chatbot in your company to find work documents through Office 365, ask for leaves or even download your payslip.

Integrate Chatbot with Slack

Widely used by startups, Slack is also a good way to communicate between employees and external providers. You can deploy a Slack chatbot that could help you gauge employee motivation at the start of each day, asking if they are feeling good about their workload or the atmosphere between colleagues!

Internal Chatbot deployed on a native app or Intranet portal

HR chatbots are increasingly used within companies in order to help support teams answer frequently asked questions. These HR chatbots can be deployed in the HRIS portals for optimal visibility and accessibility.

For example, RHD2 (fr), the HR chatbot for SNCF (French rail transport service) answers approximately 20,000 questions from employees each month.

Integrate Chatbot with Workplace by Meta

Workplace is a platform also widely used in companies! It is an easy-to-use messaging platform that allows employees to stay in touch. Companies using this platform can deploy a Workplace chatbot, which could be useful for HR Support.

You can easily add CSML chatbots directly from Workplace by Meta integrations library.

Community and Social Media Messaging Apps for Companies

It is essential for a company to be present on social networks to inform and exchange with its community. It's a great way to develop your audience and make it grow. You can deploy your chatbot on different networks tailored to your audience.

Your chatbot will allow you to better understand your community while creating a relationship with it. You can also automate recurring answers asked by your community. Your AI chatbot will allow you to analyze for example the relevance of your community and its engagement rate!

Integrate Chatbot with Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used applications and messaging platforms where you can deploy a chatbot.  If you have a large community, the number of DMs can be significant! You can set up a conversational assistant to answer your customers' questions in DM. This way you can improve their experience and their loyalty.

Integrate Chatbot with Messenger Chatbot

Using a Messenger Chatbot is one of the most common practices for many companies. This messaging platform commonly used for chatbots is essential for developing customer support. You will be able to offer an optimized experience for your customers while keeping proximity with them. You can also collect feedback from your customers easily!

Integrate Chatbot with Slack or Discord

There are many categories of chatbots you can set up on Slack or Discord for your community. In order to keep a friendly community and avoid outbursts, you could set up a moderation chatbot, such as Mee6. This way you can keep control of the content posted on your Slack or Discord and guarantee a safe space for your users.

Mobile Messaging Apps for Companies Chatbots

Mobile phones are a daily tool on which we spend several hours a day. Whether it's to chat, shop, or entertain ourselves. Your customers regularly use different mobile messaging applications.

This is a great way to target and reach them with a chatbot. Indeed, you can deploy your AI chatbot on various messaging applications depending on your business sector and offer different services to your customers.

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Integrate Chatbot with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used mobile messaging platform.

Any customer with a smartphone is likely to be interested in your services regardless of the use case. Companies are frequently contacted via WhatsApp by customers who need an immediate answer. That’s why deploying a WhatsApp chatbot answering 24/7 is a good strategy to improve your business.

Integrate Chatbot with Telegram

Perfect for companies that want to guarantee the security of their users with encrypted messaging. Your customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of your chatbot while feeling safe during their conversations.

Integrate Chatbot with WeChat

In the same way as WhatsApp, Wechat is widely used by Chinese companies for chatbot building and creation. You will be able to reach your target easily if your customers are living in China.

Deploy SMS Chatbot or Callbot

Widely used for the automation of customer support services. This is a very practical and popular use nowadays. This makes it possible to provide 24/7 customer service. Moreover, your customer will be more likely to respond to a chatbot by SMS thanks to notifications that are more visible on the phone.

Website or Mobile App Chatbots

One of the first places you can deploy a chatbot is on a website. Indeed, a conversational agent can bring real added value to your business. It can be very useful for lead generation or to collect reviews in the context of an e-commerce site. You can integrate your chatbot with WordPress for example or any other CMS. There is a multitude of chatbot use cases that could be useful and improve your website performance.

WhatsApp, Messenger Chatbot... Where to reach my audience? One last tip...

There are many other ways to use your chatbot to reach your audience, here we have listed the most relevant possibilities. It's up to you to choose the channels where to broadcast your chatbot according to your sector of activity and the habits of your audience. WhatsApp, Messenger Chatbot... Where to reach my audience? Now you have all the keys!

CSML has been designed so that you only have to develop your chatbot once. Once created, you can deploy it wherever you want within a few clicks. Whether it's on your website, on your mobile app, via your API or webhook, or on any of the other messaging platforms shown here!

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