Best CSML integrations for your chatbot

Best CSML integrations for your chatbot

100+ Best Integrations For Your Chatbot

Apps Apr 21, 2022

In the last decade, more and more services have opened their APIs to integrate their systems with other third-party applications. The web is becoming interconnected and services providing external integrations offer many opportunities. Whether it is for data collection, task automation or user experience improvement, it is now possible to create powerful applications with infinite possibilities, gathering strengths of several applications into one!

That's what conversational technologies are all about. Next generation chatbots are the ideal solution to offer a seamless customer journey, an unparalleled hyper contextualization and a significant simplification of processes thanks to their interoperability.

It is now even easier to make any application conversational thanks to technologies like CSML. This way, the chatbot becomes a communication channel that fits perfectly into business strategies.

Whatever your use cases are, you can improve your conversational assistant with many integrations! Here are over 100 best integrations for your chatbot with CSML Studio.

📊 Analytics

There are plenty of useful KPIs to measure the efficiency and profitability of your chatbot! With CSML Studio, you can integrate different analytics services with your chatbot to better understand how your visitors use your chatbot or even how many reach your conversion goals.

Analytics Chatbot Integration Examples

⚙ ️Automation

Automation is one of the most important asset within companies. Indeed, automation allows us to save time and optimize it. Chatbots are one of the easiest ways to perform tasks automatically. They are also the perfect channel to save user information, send requests to webhooks and automate your workflows.

Automation Chatbot Integration Examples

🗓 Calendar

AI Virtual Assistants are also able to check availability in calendars and schedule meetings! Mostly used by SaaS companies to let users book demonstrations with their sales team, they’re also a good way in companies to schedule meetings between employees, check availabilities for a room or for example ask for an appointment with the head of HR.

Calendar Chatbot Integration Examples

👨‍💻 CMS

Most services and websites are made with CMS. So your chatbot may need to connect to it securely and easily in order to provide information to your users. It is also pretty simple to embed your chatbot into your Wordpress website.

CMS Chatbot Integration Examples

💻 Compute

Compute services, such as our partner AWS, are now widely used. Even if your chatbot has many integrations, you may need it to perform advanced and sensitive tasks on hosted servers. With CSML, you can trigger your own functions directly from your chatbot.

Compute Chatbot Integration Examples

🎥 Conference

Videoconferencing services are now widely used for meetings and online events. Chatbots are now able to schedule meetings or register an attendee to a webinar, integrate them into a calendar and also generate a videoconferencing link automatically.

Conference Chatbot Integration Examples

👤 Customer Relationship Management

Connect your chatbot to your CRM solution to close more sales and help more customers. You'll be able to connect to your contacts and businesses easily. For example, you can use Salesforce which allows you to track the entire customer journey.

CRM Chatbot Integration Examples

Custom Code

Connect your chatbot to your CRM solution to close more sales and help more customers. You'll be able to connect to your contacts and businesses easily. For example, you can use Salesforce which allows you to track the entire customer journey.

CRM Chatbot Integration Examples

🗳 Database

Most chatbots need to manage, collect, update and fetch data into databases. Whether it is to retrieve product information, register new user data, record statistics or update customer information, the use of databases is essential when your conversational agent needs to process a large amount of information.

Database Chatbot Integration Examples

🧑‍💻 Dev

Your chatbot can help you make your documentation accessible quickly. Integrate for example GitHub to your chatbot so your users can find all the technical programming information they need.

Developers Chatbot Integration Examples

🛒 E-Commerce

Chatbots are a real opportunity for online shops to optimize their sales. They let visitors get more information about products and returns, track deliveries, or even reach a human for customer support. Integrate your chatbot with your ecommerce platform in a few clicks with CSML Studio!

Ecommerce Chatbot Integration Examples

✉️ Email

In many cases, chatbots need to be able to send emails, for example to verify identity, trigger an email campaign or recover a password. CSML includes a native SMTP client to let you send emails from your chatbots but also many email automation integrations.

Email Chatbot Integration Examples


Many chatbots are helping automating business processes in large companies equipped with ERP solutions. You can connect your chatbot to your enterprise resource planning application in order to automate workflows and create great conversational experiences with your users.

ERP Chatbot Integration Examples


Many companies are using Q&A chatbots and integrating their knowledge bases into them. Whether you use an intent tree chatbot or a chatbot with NLP, they are generally more effective than traditional FAQ web pages because they make it easier to get answers quickly if they are well configured.

FAQ Chatbot Integration Examples

🗂 File Management

All companies use cloud-based storage solutions. Especially for internal use, it is essential that chatbots can connect to the drive to retrieve documents, or let users upload their own files. Easily browse and share your various documents directly from your chatbot with our integrations!

File Management Chatbot Integration Examples

🎮 Game

Do you want to create an entertaining chatbot? Did you know that you can integrate gaming platforms into it? Let your users find new game ideas or even find games in common with their friends with this Steam integration.

Game Chatbot Integration Examples

🙍‍♂️ HR

Chatbots are very useful in HR departments in companies. They allow you to automate answers to frequently asked questions, facilitate access to internal information for employees and allow managers to save time and focus on more value-added tasks. Now able to connect to various HRIS and the entire HR ecosystem of companies, they are a key element of HR strategies.

Need more information about HR chatbots? It’s the speciality of our company Clevy! Let’s meet us!

HR Chatbot Integration Examples

🌅 Image

No more need for Photoshop, Figma or Canva if you want to make a photo montage easily! CSML Chatbots do the job for you! Install this integration in a few clicks and let your users add frames and text to their photos to share them with their friends.

Want to try it by yourself? Try out our chatbot KittyBombing and add funny kitties to your photos 😺

Image Chatbot Integration Examples

📁 IT Service Management, Ticketing

Project management and ticketing tools are commonly used in companies. Chatbots are also often used for technical support. That’s why a chatbot may need to be able to connect to internal tools, for example to let its users create and send tickets directly from your chatbot!

ITSM Chatbot Integration Examples

🎧 Livechat

Chatbots are able to handle increasingly complex tasks, but they still don't have the answer to everything! The advantage is that they can qualify users' needs before letting them chat with a real human. By integrating a live chat platform, your users can also talk to you directly from the chatbot interface.

Livechat Chatbot Integration Examples

📢 Marketing

Need to improve the management of your marketing tools? With CSML you can connect multiple integrations to build a marketing chatbot that can help you manage your various marketing campaigns and much more. Create your marketing bot to easily retrieve the data you need and deliver even more targeted campaigns.

Marketing Chatbot Integration Examples

🖥 Media

Need to improve the user experience of your chatbot?  Your conversational agent can send animated gifs to your users with apps like Giphy! CSML Studio also includes a content delivery network on which you can easily upload your own animated gif, videos and documents.

Giphy Chatbot Integration Examples

💬 Messaging

Instant messaging platforms have become an integral part of our means of communication. Whether it is to chat with friends, family or colleagues at work, we use them every day. That's why integrating chatbots on messaging platforms makes sense for any company that wants to reach its audience where they are. With CSML Studio, you can deploy your chatbot on all the channels you want, without the need to create multiple versions.

Channel Messaging Chatbot Integration Examples

🎬 Movies

What are we watching tonight? This is the eternal question that can sometimes cause arguments in your household. Why not ask a chatbot to help you choose your movie or series? After a few personalized questions your chatbot will be able to send recommendations that will put everyone in agreement!

Movies Chatbot Integration Examples

🎼 Music

Are you tired of listening to the same playlists over and over again? You can diversify your playlists and discover new artists by creating a chatbot connected to your favorite music applications! All you have to do is tell it the musical mood of your choice to get a new and totally personalized playlist.

Music Chatbot Integration Examples


Natural Language Processing is an essential component when building a chatbot. This AI technology allows your chatbot to better understand human natural language in order to better respond to your different users. There are many NLP platforms that you can integrate with your chatbot. They are all available and easy to integrate with CSML.

AI NLP Chatbot Integration Examples

NLP Chatbot Tutorials from our blog

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An OCR application consists of recognizing and extracting text from a written document or an image and converting it into a digital document. Make your chatbot smarter and let your users upload or generate documents such as personal IDs, certifications and contracts.

OCR Chatbot Integration Examples

💳 Payment

Secure transactions are increasingly made from chatbots, particularly from e-commerce sites. Your customers are then able to discover a new and original experience than the traditional customer journey. This can be an interesting option to add to your business.

Payment Chatbot Integration Examples

📚 Productivity

Chatbots can also help you manage your tasks with productivity integrations.You will improve your productivity and get a better overview of your tasks and your schedule.

Productivity Chatbot Integration Examples


Sometimes heavily used services need to set up queues, for example for a good distribution of server resources. You can send messages to an Amazon SQS Queue easily by integrating an app such as Amazon SQS with your chatbot.

Queue Chatbot Integration Examples

📈 Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet connectors are commonly used for chatbots. They are a good alternative to databases, requiring less technical skills for storing information sent by users and for data visualization. You can save and access data from your chabot to a spreadsheet application directly from your chatbot!

Spreadsheet Chatbot Integration Examples

🛠 Tooling

CSML Studio includes several tools you can easily integrate into your chatbot, such as generating uuid, checking the validity of an iban, proposing a calendar or performing HTTP requests. Most of these tools are now available as built-in functions in the CSML programming language.

Tooling Chatbot Integration Examples

🌎 Translation

Creating multilingual chatbots can be technical, especially with NLP technology. But there are ways to make it simple! You can also easily integrate powerful translation tools with your chatbot. This way you can reach your users all over the world in any language, no matter where they are located!

Translation Chatbot Integration Examples

🧩 Utils

If you need to transform your software documents? Connect your chatbot to a Utils application to make your documents easier to read.

Utils Chatbot Integration Examples

🌤 Weather

You can create a chatbot that tells you the weather every day at any location in the world instantly. We offer the ability to integrate OpenWeather, the industry's leading application, into your CSML chatbot.

Weather Chatbot Integration Examples

Integrate any app with your chatbot, without limits!

Integrations have become essential for chatbots. They allow you to simplify many processes and data management, while ensuring a successful user experience.

Whether your virtual assistant is deployed on your mobile app, your website, your Wordpress CMS or any other messaging service such as Messenger or WhatsApp, you can integrate all of these integrations into one chatbot!

Need to integrate your own application? No worries. CSML also allows you to add your own functions, developed in any language : Python, JavScript, Java, .NET, Ruby, Go… You can also use CSML native functions or perform native HTTP requests from your chatbot.

CSML Studio - Integrations Directory
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