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150+ Best Chatbot Use Case Ideas You Can Create With CSML

Case Study Jan 28, 2022

Nowadays it's more and more common to find chatbots used for many different situations in everyday life. For business as well as personal use such as travel, health, or administrative procedures, AI chatbots have over time become real conversational assistants for humans. In this article, we will list some of the best chatbot use cases that you can build in CSML.

Chatbots for Customer Services

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If there is one field in which chatbots are used, it is customer services. Most companies provide a conversational agent on their homepage to help users find information. This example is probably the most widespread yet there is a multitude of actions that a chatbot can perform for users. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases to optimize customer experience!

  • Build customer experience
  • After-sales service
  • Product support
  • Check inventories
  • Recommend items
  • Create quizzes
  • Announce promotions
  • Bot contests
  • Introduce new product/service
  • Handle internal helpdesk support
  • Improve product onboarding
  • Bot product recommendation
  • Customer Support chatbot
  • NPS Calculator -
  • Satisfaction surveys -
  • Process returns and refunds
  • Assign customer request to support team
  • Bug reporting chatbot
  • Automate website support
  • Support from mobile apps
  • Confirm order
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Call center Voice Bot Q&A chatbot
  • Track shipping

Chatbots E-Commerce

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E-commerce platforms are increasingly starting to introduce chatbots into their sales practices and strategies. AI chatbots can be a great way to improve the customer experience and bring a touch of originality to your e-commerce platform. Here are some chatbot use cases to improve your e-commerce experience.

Chatbots for Education

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Teaching methods tend to evolve frequently and tend towards digitalization. Most teaching methods nowadays are more and more connected. The use of chatbot ai facilitates learning for many students, some of whom study mainly online. The health situation has further accelerated its educational processes. Here are some chatbot use cases for education.

  • Review lessons
  • Promote school programs
  • Q&A test
  • Bot tutorials
  • School subscribe
  • Bot orientation aid
  • Homework chatbot -

Entertainment Chatbots

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Chatbots are usually used to simplify tasks, whether at work or in everyday life. However, it is quite possible to use the chatbot's artificial intelligence to create entertainment. Here are some chatbot use cases for entertainment.

Finance Chatbots

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The world of finance is a very suitable environment for the use of chatbots. With the digitalization of banking systems, it is almost impossible not to have come across a chatbot when using a banking application. Conversational assistants allow users' requests to be answered efficiently and quickly when they need to use their money. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases in finance.

  • Bot investment manager
  • Credit apps
  • Money transfer
  • Get latest stock market news
  • Budget optimization

HR Chatbots

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HR departments are regularly called upon to respond to employee needs. They have to deal with issues of improving communication between employees and their company. Chatbots are very good tools to meet the organizational needs of large companies in order to facilitate the management of employees in an efficient and fast way. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases to optimize HR services.

  • Take and schedule leaves
  • Streamline expense report
  • Answering HR most related questions
  • Ask for a meeting with the manager
  • Report a sick leave
  • Payroll / payslip consultation
  • Schedule meeting between employees
  • Keeping the pulse of your employees
  • Completing transactional HR service
  • Onboarding and training for new employees
  • Training and workshops

Healthcare Chatbots

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Since the beginning of the health crisis, health services have been forced to go digital quickly. Chatbots are becoming more and more common in the medical field in order to free up staff time and provide the right information to patients while keeping a constant follow-up. Here are some chatbot use case examples for healthcare. Covidbot by Clevy was created in a couple of days in a way to keep people aware of new instructions about the sanitary crisis.

IT Chatbots

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We tend to think of chatbot use cases in very different domains of artificial intelligence technology. However, there are all kinds of IT-related issues where the use of chatbots can be useful for daily life or for business. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases to optimize IT.

  • Intranet use
  • Order new laptop or new phone
  • Bot printer instructions
  • Recover password
  • Report technical problem
  • Helpdesk chatbot
  • Ticket management
  • Printer instructions
  • Email and identity verification
  • Wifi password QR code generator

Marketing Chatbots

Freepik - vectorjuice - marketing chatbot

Marketing uses have been constantly evolving for a few years with the rise of digital practices. In order to diversify marketing strategies and make certain tasks less tedious for employees and more fun for users, some companies have already implemented chatbots. Here are some chatbot use cases to optimize marketing.

  • Simplify pricing
  • Create contests and quizzes
  • Build email list
  • Create a bot news
  • Create a second-net strategy
  • Execute drip campaign
  • Improve product onboarding
  • Product recommendations
  • Provide inbound marketing contents
  • Marketing automation management
  • Improve funnel marketing
  • Bot product promoter
  • Introduce new product / service
  • Lead generation bot from sales approach -
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Promote contests
  • Run drip campaign
  • Promote referral program
  • Improve product onboarding
  • News bot

Sales Chatbots

Freepik - pch vector - sales chatbot 

The implementation of chatbots and artificial intelligence within sales teams facilitates the sometimes repetitive sales steps of salespeople. Conversational agents can streamline and optimize sales processes while enabling salespeople to achieve more results. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases to optimize sales.

  • Improve lead nurturing
  • Book product demo
  • Sales conversational agent
  • Place online order
  • Cost simulator
  • Conversational assistant for sales team
  • Provide quotes and estimate
  • Connect sales, customer, support…
  • Demo and show request product
  • Eases appointment booking
  • Automate sales and lead generation
  • Bot personal shopping assistant
  • Shopping assistant
  • Connect leads with sales

Travel Chatbots

Freepik - pch vector - travel chatbot

Preparing a trip requires a lot of rigor and organization. Consumers just want to go away to take some rest and don’t want to plan anything while they are on vacation. Here are some chatbot use cases that could simplify your life when traveling.

  • Get advice on topics (where to visit, best restaurant, museum list…)
  • Book travel
  • Translator bot
  • Compare flight and hotel prices

Chatbots for Industry

Freepik - pch vector - chatbot for industry

The tasks related to the industry sector are quite hard and time-consuming. It's an environment that could be made lighter with the help of chatbots. Here are some chatbot use cases that could simplify the work in the industry.

  • Supply chain management
  • Help order preparation
  • Quality control
Freepik - pch vector - legal chatbot

Legal procedures generally require a number of documents. It is sometimes necessary for certain procedures to find out about the laws, or about the types of documents to be provided. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases to simplify your legal processes.

  • DPO & GDPR Chatbot
  • Notary documentation
  • Certificate generation
  • Law documentation
  • Schedule appointment with your lawyer
  • Request for personal user information

Governmental Chatbots

Freepik - pch vector - governmental chatbot

Chatbots can be useful even within the government. Don't worry, the goal is not for them to take over. Chatbots can facilitate the management of government administrative documents. Here are some of the best chatbot use cases to simplify governmental instructions or documents.

  • Provide territories and travels instructions
  • Schedule appointment for personal documents

Food & Beverage Chatbots

Freepik - pch vector - food & beverage chatbot

The world of catering has undergone some changes, especially with delivery service applications. The competition is always stronger and the owners of the establishments must redouble their ideas to propose original services. Here are some of the best chatbot use case ideas for food and drinks.

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