NLP Platforms for AI Chatbot Developers

NLP Platforms for AI Chatbot Developers

Top 10 NLP Platforms for AI Chatbot Developers

Mar 22, 2022

Today, most intelligent chatbots are built with NLP technology. Several companies operate in the NLP market, they offer feature-rich platforms that easily provide language understanding to a chatbot. In this Top 10 NLP platforms for AI chatbot developers, we will compare some natural language processing providers that you can connect to CSML Studio.

What is an NLP platform?

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP or Natural Language Processing consists of the processing of natural language by machines. Many algorithms fall under the NLP field: splitting a sentence into words, tagging part of speech, enriching words, etc...

NLU (Natural Language Understanding)

NLU is a sub-component of NLP which consists in this case of adding statistical learning (Machine Learning). The NLU intervenes to identify the intentions and meanings of natural language, to basically understand what the user is saying. In order to achieve this, NLU algorithms use NLP.

NLP Platform

An NLP platform is a SaaS (software as a service) that proposes NLP algorithms to integrate conversation interfaces with chatbots or other types of applications.

The most common NLP algorithms are:

  • Intent recognition: the ability to classify a user's input to better understand his/her intent
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER): being able to find entities within a sentence. Entities can be common entities such as measurements, locations, first names, etc..., or custom entities that have been trained.
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Tokenization: splitting a sentence based on words.
  • Parts Of Speech Tagging (POS): allows you to know the base root of words as well as word types (nouns, adj, etc...)

NLP platforms serve all this information over API so your conversational agent can get going within minutes.

Top 10 Natural Language Processing platforms for your chatbot

Natural Language Processing Platform
Freepik - vectorjuice


  • Different pricing including a freemium version
  • Channel-specific answers are customizable to each of your channels and can display the most suitable response
  • Many channel integrations are available (ie: Messenger, Twilio, Slack, …)
  • A test interface is available with the following text features: utterance, engine responses, contexts, intent, action, detected entities, values, JSON streams
  • Wide variety of templates available on the shelf
  • Multilanguage for most spoken languages

We’ve created an article on CSML Blog that walks you through how to connect Dialogflow to your CSML Chatbot.

Website link: Dialogflow


  • No difference between intent and entity as all actions are intent
  • Open source
  • Logs of past conversation history in the form of a chat dialogue.
  • Management of a very large number of languages (multi-language) 58 languages

Website link:

IBM Watson

  • Different pricing starting with freemium
  • Automated named entity recognition
  • Full query history
  • Multilanguage on the most used languages in the world

Website link: IBM Watson

Amazon Lex

  • Tagging of model versions, intents, or entities.
  • Tagging of entities in intents in an explicit way by indicating slots.
  • Evolutive pricing starts from freemium.
  • Supports 6 different languages

Website link: Amazon Lex

Amazon Comprehend

  • Allows to identify the language of a text
  • Pure NLP features recognition
  • Detection of personal data
  • Detection of the language used

Website link: Amazon Comprehend

SAP conversational AI

  • Open source
  • Multilanguage: 39
  • Can be voice activated
  • A lot of available templates, created by the community.

Website link: SAP Conversational AI


  • Best for companies and startups for internal use
  • Best in class for french language
  • Can analyze emotions and feelings as well as a large range of text features

Website link: Lettria

Hugging Face

  • Available on-premise as well as SaaS
  • Large range of models available
  • Different algorithms can be used by the same chatbot
  • Open-source

Website link: Hugging Face

Rasa NLP

  • Open-source
  • Requires programming knowledge
  • Can be installed on-premise as well as used as Saas
  • Specialized in customer experience

Website link: Rasa

Clevy Understanding API

  • Best in class Q&A
  • Safe and secured
  • GDPR compliant
  • Scalable
  • Specialized in HR
  • Templates available
  • Multilanguage with a wide variety of languages available

Website link: Clevy


We’ve listed here 10 famous NLP providers for developers. You can connect all of them to your CSML chatbots, but you can also add your own NLU service with CSML Studio using custom webhooks!

Want to add NLP to your CSML Chatbot? Feel free to look into our integration library!

Do you have any other use case in mind doable with CSML? Share yours on our Slack Community: