Help, I Need to Move my Chatbot Away From Facebook Messenger Because of the New EU Privacy Rules!

News Dec 2, 2020

As you may have heard, Facebook introduced some serious limitations for chatbots on the Messenger platform targeting EU-based users or pages. You can read more about this on our blog post here:

Important: new EU privacy rules impact for Messenger chatbot developers
Learn more about Facebook Messenger’s surprise, massive API update on Dec. 16th and how to prepare in advance

We know that many chatbot developers out there are using a chatbot provider that chose to only develop their offering on one channel, Messenger, or maybe you developed your own custom code in javascript or python and this is only compatible with Messenger. You obviously need to keep your chatbots functioning properly after December 16th for all of your users or customers, but chances are that you can't afford and don't have time to redevelop them from scratch in such short notice.

Luckily, CSML, being an open-source chatbot engine, can probably offer you a few options.

I'm a Chatfuel or Manychat user

We have developed a Chatfuel to CSML converter and a Manychat to CSML converter, so that you can safely export your Chatfuel chatbot or your Manychat chatbot, and migrate away from those two popular providers and regain control of your own chatbot and data with a full-featured, open-source chatbot solution, and avoid provider lock-in and situations like these, forever.

Once you have migrated your chatbot, you will be able to deploy it with little to no change on any channel, including Messenger, MS Teams, Google Chat, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Alexa, Google Assistant, or even as a Callbot or on your own website with our webapp integration. CSML Studio also offers all the rich features you need: broadcasts, livechat, NLP providers, connectors with other services, HTTP/JSON API...

If you are interested in migrating away from Chatfuel or Manychat and Messenger in advance of this change, please reach out to us as soon as possible on

I'm a chatbot developer or chatbot agency and I need a more permanent solution for my customers' chatbots

We have also heard from many chatbot developers and agencies that were shocked by these announcements. These new rules seriously restrain the otherwise very complete capabilities of Messenger chatbots by virtually limiting chatbots to almost only text-based interactions: no more rich content in templates, attachments, buttons, carousels...

For some developers, that means that they need to find a new way to develop chatbots for their customers, and at least propose a mitigation plan, or they will most likely loose all of their business.

We would like to offer you an open-source home, that actually helps you develop and deploy rich chatbots on any channel, includes connectors to many popular APIs and services, and allows you to build a new business on clean foundations. By using an open-source chatbot engine like CSML, you regain control over your data and can make sure that you will always be able to keep it running forever, no matter where you deploy it.

If you are interested in moving your chatbot development business to the open-source CSML conversational engine, feel free to contact us on and we will help get you started in no time!