Clevy Launches AWS Contact Center Intelligence Solution

News Jan 13, 2021

Clevy, vendor of automation solutions for contact centers and multi-channel chatbot and callbot software, announces its participation as a launch partner for the global expansion of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions.

Clevy's products, in particular the open-source chatbot programming language CSML and its online development platform CSML Studio, are designed to reduce the time-to-deploy and maintenance costs of rich conversational agents with contextual, short-term and long-term memory, deployable on any communication channel, integrated with customer's existing business applications such as ServiceNow, SAP, Salesforce, UI Path and others, with minimal development and maintenance efforts.

These advanced low-code and no-code solutions help thousands of companies and developers create customized and rich chatbots and callbots that are natively integrated with their existing contact center technology stack and their business applications.

“Clevy is committed to bringing the best possible solutions for enterprise contact center automation, while leveraging on the capabilities of the existing software ecosystem of our customers.” says François Falala-Sechet, CTO of Clevy.

Customers of Genesys, Twilio, Cisco, MessageBird, Verint, Gorgias, Five9, Chatwoot and many other contact center solutions can seamlessly enhance and automate 90% of their customer interactions on any channel with Clevy's open-source technology and deploy the solution with little setup and overhead.

With Clevy’s suite of tools, customers are empowered to design, develop, deploy and monitor automated conversational experiences that are connected not only to their existing contact center provider but also to a range of other APIs and services, including AWS AI and ML services as well as other CCI partners’ applications.

By joining the AWS CCI initiative, Clevy will be able to help its customers get even more out of their existing contact center services with powerful AWS AI services such as Amazon Lex for natural language processing, Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Polly for speech-to-text and text-to-speech, Amazon Translate for providing deep-learning machine translated multilingual content to end-users in over 50 languages, Amazon Comprehend for analyzing the contents of conversations or Amazon Kendra for intelligent search in existing documents and databases.

Learn more about Clevy and AWS CCI and start automating your contact center: