5 Chatbot Ideas for Christmas

Chatbot ideas for christmas

5 Chatbot Ideas for Christmas

Thoughts & ideas Dec 22, 2021

Find gift ideas, prepare advent calendars, send Christmas cards to your colleagues, order presents for your family… We all know how exciting Christmas time is! It is also a great opportunity for businesses to reward their employees, retain their customers or even increase their sales.

Conversational agents have become a perfect channel to support Christmas operations. Especially when they are able to connect with other apps easily, thanks to technologies such as CSML. Today we’ve decided to share with you 5 Chatbot Ideas for Christmas, easily buildable and deployable with CSML Studio!

Christmas Card Generator Chatbot 🖼️

Nowadays we’re not used anymore to send Christmas cards by mail to our family, friends or collaborators. Chatbots can make that funnier! Rather than using a simple outdated Card Generator, you could use for example KittyBombing, the first chatbot letting you create funny Christmas Cards for your contacts, with the picture and the cat you want to bomb it. In a few clicks, you can send your dedicated Christmas card by email or share it on social networks.

CSML Integrations example for your XMAS Card Chatbot: Picture Frame - SMTP

Advent Calendar Chatbot 📆

There are a lot of brands creating their own advent calendar. Most of the time they are made with cardboard boxes, never mind the product: cosmetics, beers, candles, chocolates, toys, jewels... With CSML you can create a very original advent calendar chatbot with plenty of presents! It is also a good alternative to a physical calendar. You can find many digital gift ideas such as activities to schedule, coupons, gifs, videos, messages, music playlists…

CSML Integrations examples for your Advent Calendar Chatbot: AirTable - Spotify - Giphy

Secret Santa Chatbot 🎁

Offering presents to members of your family or your company is not that easy. Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned to another member to whom they have to give a present. It is a good way to make it easier, fair and fun to offer gifts!

It is also a nice opportunity to bring members of a group together. That’s why many companies (like ours) organize a Secret Santa every year for their employees. With CSML, it is pretty simple to run a chatbot registering users individually, assigning them randomly to another subscriber when the list is complete and revealing the assignee through the conversation or an email. You can also send anonymous questions to your assignee via the chatbot!

CSML Integrations examples for a Secret Santa Chatbot: Google Sheets - Front Live chat
CSML Template to get it started: Simple Lead Generation

Santa Claus Chatbot 🎅

Have you ever dreamed in your life to talk to Santa Claus? There are many messaging services letting you talk with their Santa Claus version to make your child happy or make jokes to your friends or colleagues. It is also a great opportunity for businesses to create original conversational projects. For example Bouygues Telecom sends you videos of Santa Claus transcribing into voice any text sent to their WhatsApp chatbot.

CSML makes it also super easy to create a chatbot for children. You can include a NLP service to let your chatbot better understand them, contextualize the conversation, ask them for a gift wishlist and send it to parents!

CSML Integrations examples for Santa Claus Chatbot: Dialogflow - Hugging Face

Gift Ideas Chatbot 💡

Christmas is coming and you still haven't finished getting gifts for everyone? You have a business and you want to push affiliate products to your customers? The chatbot is a good solution for it, specifically with its contextualization and integration capabilities. For e-commerce companies it also makes a good opportunity to improve and track their sales. For example, last Christmas we made KadoBot with the students of Ada Tech School, a chatbot giving gift ideas.

CSML Integrations examples: Shopify - Amazon

Seasonalities are a good opportunity to find new chatbot ideas and help support new operations for your business. Most of all, nearly every chatbot idea is doable with CSML, quickly and easily!

Ready to make your own CSML Christmas Chatbot? If you already have one or more ideas of XMAS Chatbots, you can share them with us on Slack!

🌟 Merry Christmas from the CSML Team 🎄