Programming languages for chatbot development

Programming languages for chatbot development

5 Best Programming Languages for Chatbot Development

Education Nov 25, 2021

There are many programming languages available today. Nowadays, it is possible to develop any type of chatbot in most of these languages. The growth of the bot market makes developers wonder which languages are the most suitable for chatbot building. With this article, we suggest you an overview of the 5 best programming languages to develop your chatbot.


CSML is a DSL (domain-specific language) built in Rust, specialized in chatbot development. It's a language that allows you to create chatbots more easily and quickly than languages that weren't originally designed for this purpose. This language is made to simplify chatbot building and be accessible whether you are a novice or an expert in programming.

CSML chatbot advantages

  • open source
  • simple and expressive syntax
  • speed
  • specific to chatbot building
  • several integrations, templates, APIs
  • interoperability with other programming languages
  • scalable (many features)
  • accessible on any channel of your choice. usable in a free online development environment


JavaScript is a prototype-based scripting language used in interactive web pages (allowing interaction with the user). Thanks to its various features, it is now considered one of the best and most popular programming languages.

Javascript chatbot advantages

  • speed
  • simplicity
  • rich interfaces
  • compatibility with all digital media
  • UX awareness
  • popularity


Like JavaScript, Python is one of the most popular languages today. It is a general-purpose programming language that makes it very accessible for any type of project. It is very often used when carrying out machine learning or data science projects.

Python chatbot advantages

  • popularity
  • integrable and extensible
  • open source
  • extensive library
  • easy syntax
  • automation


Ruby is a versatile programming language quite similar to Python in its syntax. It is possible to build chatbots in this language using its full stack framework Ruby on Rails. You can do many projects with Ruby ranging from web apps, prototyping, or even data analysis and bot building.

Ruby chatbot advantages

  • open source
  • readable code
  • easy to test code (MiniTest integration in the library)
  • flexible and intuitive language
  • data protection


A little less known than the options mentioned earlier in this article, Clojure is a compiled functional programming language. It is a dialect of LISP that allows access to various Java frameworks. Clojure has been developed with a "Code by data" approach.

Clojure chatbot advantages

  • open source
  • collaborative
  • multi-compatibility
  • several integrations and APIs

There are many other programming languages to create your chatbots. The key is to find the most suitable language according to the needs and specificities of your chatbot project. We are able to create chatbots in less time and investment by using open-source languages. We hope that you can find the perfect language for all your chatbot-building needs.