Custom ruby function for csml

Custom ruby function for csml

Write a Custom Ruby Function for CSML

Feb 3, 2021

A few days ago we went through the process of writing a custom function in Javascript for CSML.

Today we're going to code a Ruby function for CSML. This function will allow you to use your favorite Gem dependencies and Ruby programs in your CSML chatbot!

The use case

We would like to create a chatbot that can fetch the value of your favorite crypto-currencies and convert it into another one.

For instance, we would want to know how much a Bitcoin is worth in Dollars or Ethereum in Litecoins.

To get all the values, we'll use this API.

The Ruby code

IMPORTANT: First, make sure that your version of Ruby is either 2.5 or 2.7, which are the supported versions. If needed, you can have a look at rbenv, an env manager for Ruby (it is a good practice to use it regardless of the use case.)

A. The function

As mentioned in a previous article, custom CSML functions are very similar to Lambda functions:

  • They get their parameters from the event object that is injected automatically.
  • They can return values such as Object, Array, String, Integer, Float, Boolean, null
  • The handler (the function that will be triggered) name must be specified (handler as default)

You can find CSML custom function boilerplates on Github.

This is for example what a function that returns Hello, {{name}} looks like:

def handler(event:, context:)
    "Hello #{event["name"]}"

B. Fetching data from the API

Now that we know how to make a ruby function, let's fetch the datas from the API.

First, we need to set up httparty as a dependency in the current directory. To do so, follow these steps

1- Create the Gemfile

source ""

gem "httparty", "~> 0.17.3"

2- Set the Bundle directory and Install the dependency

$ bundle config set path 'vendor/bundle'
$ bundle install

And now we just need to fetch the datas from the API using Ruby with httparty:

require 'httparty'
require 'json'

def handler(event:, context:)
    obj = HTTParty.get("{event["from"]}-#{event["to"]}")

C. Let's package it

Let's now package the function to upload it in CSML Studio

$ zip -r9 index.rb vendor


Custom Ruby functions in CSML Studio

Now that we have the packaged function, let's set it up in CSML Studio.

Go to Functions > Add Custom Functions > Quick mode

First, we upload the packaged function, and fill the form:

Custom Ruby function in CSML Studio
  • We give it a name: CoinValueGetter
  • We set the handler as index.handler: the function called handler is in the index.rb file.
  • We can set the parameters as from and to , this is not mandatory
  • We don't need any environment variables, so let's leave this field blank

Click on OK. You are all set!

Now let's use this function in a flow.

    say "What coin do you want to check? (btc, eth, ...)"
    remember from = event
    say "How do you want me to give you the value ? (eur, usd, ltc, ...)"
    remember to = event
    do val = Fn("CoinValueGetter", from=from, to=to)
    say "1{{from}} = {{val.ticker.price}}{{to}}"
    goto end

That's it, we've done it! Now we can use a function anywhere in our chatbot!

You can find the entire source code of the function over here: